iOS Development Services - Harvey Mains Developer



·      BA Physics & Math University of California, Berkeley California.

·      MBA  Marketing & Computer Technology Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California

·      iOS Classes Online: Stanford University C193P 2011, 2012 and 2013, RWTH Aachen, Carnegie Mellon, Madison College, WWDC 2010, WWDC 2011, WWDC 2012, WWDC 2013.


·      iPhone Application Developer with 30+ years of total software development experience and  4 years of iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod application development experience.

·      I have an excellent understanding of iOS provisioning portals (certificates, developer and distribution profiles). This includes the entire process of iTunes appStore submission, approval and updates. This also includes experience developing, releasing and maintaining native iOS mobile applications using Objective-C.

·      I have created and published four apps  (in the Apple iTunes Appstore) and have done several updates/revisions.

·      I have a strong vision for mobile internet consumer products. (See AVXO job description).

·      I have experience in both solo and collaborative software development projects.

·      I write highly legible and well documented code.

·      I have vast testing experience using all of tools available from Apple including the Debugger and all of the Instruments.

·      I have an excellent understanding of software development fundamentals from project inception through completion.

·      I have a private github account for source control and archiving.

·      I have experience using and developing location based mobile applications.

·      I have limited experience with Ruby but significant experience with Javascript and HTML5.

·      I have a complete knowledge of iPhone App Store requirements, iTunes Connect and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

·      I have a strong knowledge of Object Oriented Design methodologies and programming.

·      I have expertise in MVC design architecture, Cocoa design patterns and concepts like delegation, protocols and categories.

·      I have expertise in efficient memory allocation and management in object oriented paradigm.

·      I have expertise with X-Code, Debugger and Memory Management tools as well as Instruments.

·      I have expertise in performance enhancement and optimization.

·      I have expertise in providing Web Services, database management, Locations Services, Audio, Graphics and Animation capabilities in Applications.

·      I have experience in working with Mac OS X, UNIX and Windows platforms.

·      I have extensive experience in writing SQL queries as well as Microsoft SQL/Access.

·      I have an extensive knowledge of Network Architecture and Networking Protocols.

·      I have strong design principles and patterns with over 30 years of experience.

·      I have excellent problem solving and decision making skills with ability to communicate effectively at all levels.

Programming Languages

C, C++, Objective C, XCode 4.x, XCode 5, Native iOS

Web Technologies



CoreData, SQL, SQ Lite, SQL server


X-code 4 & 5


IPhone/iPad/iPod (all models)


MS-office, Adobe Photoshop, MS Project.

Operating systems

Mac-OS X, iOS 5,6 & 7, Linux, Unix, Windows (NT/2003/2007/XP/Vista/7/8)