IT applications that work for you

Applications Systems Group is a full-service IT consulting company based in Redding, CT. We apply unique technology solutions to your small or medium-sized business. Our special area of expertise is network and workstation security. We also specialize in CYBER SECURITY and WEB SITE DESIGN.


Our strategy is the ideal starting point for a successful solution. Then, using powerful, state-of-the art development tools our technicians will build your system from the ground up. Click below to learn more about our strategy.

Custom iOS Development for the iPhone & iPad

With over 30 years of overall programming experience and 4 years of iOS development experience, we are the perfect solution for your iOS Deveopment Work.

Experience in Objective C, Cocoa Touch, UIKit, CoreData, iOS SDK, C++, Java, Xcode 4.x and Xcode 5.x. Extensive experience with Audio Toolkit, CoreImage, iAD, AVFoundation, QuartCore, CoreAudio, CoreGraphics, OpenGL ES 2.0 and 3.0, CoreText, GLkit, CoreMotion, CoreMedia, CoreVideo, MapKit and Google Maps and Places. Also the following iOS platforms 5.x, 6.x and 7.x

Experience to date includes 5 apps in the store, several more in beta testing and another 3 under development.

Cyber security

Harvey Mains has over 30 years of Cyber Security experience, including working as a Network Security consultant for the Federal Bureau of Investigations, for businesses throughout the Connecticut, New York and New Jersey area and for towns and school districts across southwestern Connecticut. He has spearheaded and implemented a host of Cyber Security Protection initiatives for clients—from installing simple firewalls to designing and running full-scale networks with complex Cisco, Barracuda and GWAVA firewalls.

Providing overall security analyses and remediation to businesses through ASG, Harvey has extensive experience with a range of anti-virus and spyware detection programs and products.

Harvey holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics from the University of California, Berkley, California, and a Masters in Business Administration in Marketing and Computer Technology from Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California.